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Strategies for Controlling Anger

Everybody gets angry, but out-of-control rage isn’t good for you or those around you. When you can’t control your anger, you may get into fist-fights or drive recklessly, for example, endangering yourself and others.
This article is reprinted from the site of American Psychological Association.
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Controlled act of Psychotherapy


The Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA), the governing legislation for regulated health professionals in Ontario, identifies 14 “controlled acts,” which may only be performed by regulated health professionals authorized to do so.  Controlled acts are restricted because of the risk of harm associated with their performance by unqualified individuals. Read more

5 Anger Styles

You may know that there are various styles of communication that people use to express their feelings. Anger is a form of communicating one’s feelings that is harmful for relations and self. Read more