Anger management

Anger management

If you have problems with the law and your lawyer thinks that you may need psychotherapy that may help you, I am here to help.

I will conduct 4-6-8-9-10 sessions and will write a report for the court.

I have proficiency working on anger management because the issues of domestic violence and abuse are met more frequently these days in Toronto. I make assessments (without communicating a diagnosis), provide psychoeducation regarding the unaccepted behavior and make interventions that contributed to positive changes in attitude and conduct of the client.

I worked with several clients who had issues with the legal system. In particular, I have provided counselling in regard to
• operating while impaired ‒ s. 253(1)(a); “over 80” s. 253(1)(b) of Criminal Code
• assaulting a peace officer ‒ Contrary to the Criminal Code s.129, s.270.
• sexual assault ‒ s. 271(1)(b) of Criminal Code
• theft under 5 000 – s.

In my practice I use mainly Cognitive-behavioral Therapy, and also Transactional Analysis, and Narrative Therapy, and a little bit of Neuro-linguistic Programming.

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