Legal issues

Sometimes people do silly things, or sometimes they can not resist our temptations, or can not control their our temper…
And here comes a police officer and issues a restraint order. And you face legal charges.

It happens.
If you are not a natural born criminal and if this is your first offence, I may help you.

I worked with several clients who had issues with the legal system. In particular, I have provided counselling in regard to the following offenses described in Criminal Code:

  • Assaulting a peace officer ‒ s.129, s.270.
  • Criminal Harassment – s.246(2) (link)
  • Operating while impaired ‒ s. 253(1)(a); “over 80” s. 253(1)(b)
  • Sexual assault ‒ s. 271(1)(b)
  • Theft under 5 000 – s. 322(1)
  • Voyeurism – s. 162(1) (link)
  • et al.

If your lawyer advises you to take several sessions of psychotherapy before your court date – I may try to help you.

Usually my clients need 8±2 sessions and a report.
The fees for the therapy and for the report are currently Read here
You need
* to have a letter from your lawyer (or clear understanding what is needed  from you)
* to have legal documents
* to write your own description of the situation you are in and your understanding why it happened (please refer to the template)
* to have your desire to get back on track (to normal life).
* to have some funds to cover my service.
I will be waiting for you.
P.S. Everything will be kept confidential.