Russian language

I was teaching Russian language as a second for many years. I worked in Moscow State University, in Political University in Taiwan, in University of Havana in Cuba, in University of Pittsburgh in USA and in other places and countries.

Currently I provide psychotherapy services for clients who have depression, anxiety and relationship issues.

However if you want to learn Russian language with me – I may try to help you. I still speak Russian and I still have my huge experience of teaching from the perspective of a person who’s first language is other that Russian. And I have a lot of  textbooks and a big collections of reference books. I will provide copies of the educational materials for free (in files).

I will give you a lot of resources where you can find some materials (like Alphabet, PhoneticsGrammar tables, Topics).

Currently (as of August, 2017) my fees are $40 CAD per hour. And I will give you a lot of home tasks. And I will build the foundations of your knowledge of the Russian language. And whether you do not know the language or you can read and write, or you are a heritage learner – you will benefit from my classes.

We can also arrange online learning.

Please contact me and start learning Russian.