How to become a Psychologist in Ontario.
How to become Psychotherapist in Ontario


If you came to Canada not long ago and you want to become a mental health specialist, you may think of becoming

In order to do this you will need:
* to have necessary education;
* know English or French;
* get license (registration) in the Regulated College (this is not a high school, this is like a Board or a Collegium). You can even start working in the process of getting licensed, however only under supervision.

How to become a Psychologist in Ontario
In order to become a psychologist in Canada you need to get 600 hours of education (in psychology), including 300 hours of working with clients, and also 150 hours of personal supervision.
If you have this, you need to do the following:
* verify your education in Canada (WES, or SEC)
* find a psychologist who will be your supervisor (я тут не смогу помочь)
* send your documents to the College of Psychologists of Ontario
* start working under supervision (you need 1500 hours)
* pass three exams - EPPP, JEE and Practice Exam
* become full member of the CPO and start working.
When you get your registration (in three years or so) I may need your help (so let us talk about it later)

How to become Psychotherapist in Ontario
In order to become a Psychotherapist in Ontario (and in Canada) you need to have the following qualification: 
* have psychological, medical or psychotherapeutic education, where at least 360 hours were dedicated to psychotherapy (central to the practice of psychotherapy);
* have 750 hours of direct client hours and working in the area of psychotherapy for the last three years - 500 hours should be in Canada;
* have 150 hours of supervision.

If you have all this or you can get more hours in the program approved  by the College of Psychotherapists, then you may head to getting licensed (рregistered) as a psychotherapist. You need the following:
* подтвердить в Канаде документы об образовании (если они получены за рубежом, то, скорее всего, через WES или CES);
* подать документы (зарегистрироваться и заплатить взнос) в Колледже Психотерапевтов Онтарио в качестве подлежащего регистрации члена (Qualifying member);
* join a professional association (like OACCPP or OSP) ;
* find a Registered Psychotherapist who will be your supervisor while you are getting ready to be registered (I can be your supervisor);
* submit your documents for the registration in the College of Psychotherapists;
* pass the exams (Jurisprudence e-Learning Module);
* pass the qualifying exam (Registration Examination)
* buy professional liability Insurance through a professional organisation (approximately $ 230 CAD a year)
* start working under supervision (you need 1000 hours) - I may be your supervisor.
* register with a professional organisation (like OACCPP), have insurance and ... start working.

So start the process and tell me when you need a supervisor.

We will sign a contract, determine how much can you pay for my supervision and I will help you..

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario wrote in May 2017:
Practitioners of psychotherapy will be aware of the benefits of receiving ongoing clinical supervision throughout their careers and many choose to offer their services as a clinical supervisor as a way to give back to the profession. If you are providing clinical supervision of psychotherapy, or are working towards being able to do so, it would be advisable for you to consider the full list of activities that could comprise directed learning around supervision when deciding how to best ensure you are prepared to take on this responsibility, and that the activities are relevant and support the goal of public protection. Directed learning can include:
  • course work
  • supervised practice as a clinical supervisor
  • individual/peer/group learning
  • independent study that includes structured readings

So you should be ready for this.

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